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News: Hey you! Welcome to the board! I hope you check it out!
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Hey! Welcome to the board! I hope you like it!

Here is My story, Enjoy my Story:

The cops has toys inside the car against the law
By Brent Zackary Thompson

Once upon a time, there was a person driving her car, and her name is, “Chloe” (and her baby is inside the car) they were bringing her food and toys home. The police man is spying really closely to see if someone breaking the law. The police man saw Chloe and the baby, and the police chased Chloe and the Baby’s car. Chloe said, “Did I do something wrong?” The police crashed into Chloe and the Baby’s car! The police man came threw Chloe and the Baby’s car, then Chloe said, “Why did you hit my Car?!?” The police man said, “No bringing toys in the car, this is against the law!” Chloe said, “But all his toys were his very special toy!” The police said, “I don’t care, Give me all his toys!”  Chloe was upset about the Baby’s toy. Chloe said to the Baby, “Give me the toy, there’s the police man that wanted the toy so badly!” The Baby didn’t fell like giving his toy back. Chloe took his Toy away and give it to the police. The baby cried because the baby wanted the toy back. Chloe and the baby went home without the toy. The baby cried loudly and screaming and he was all angry. The baby didn’t like that police man anymore. Chloe got home and the Baby was still Crying. Chloe said to the Baby,” You must be really tired!” (The Baby wasn’t tired; the baby really wanted his toy back). So Chloe putted the Baby to bed anyway. Chloe had to hear the Baby cry until the baby goes to sleep. Chloe had to go to the Police website (What is a website? The Website is type of place that you go to on your computer) Then she look at the laws on the police website, Then Chloe saw that Bringing toys was not against the law anymore! Chloe was really happy! Now Chloe went to the Store and get the toy that the Baby wanted, then Chloe got home again. She woke up the baby, and then she said to the Baby, “Guess what I got?” Chloe gave it to the baby, and then the baby was very happy. It was better then that law about toy’s in the car. The baby played with it all the time.

The End.

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Here is my Latest story! 

John loses his best Friend
By Brent Zackary Thompson

Once upon a time, At Recess, there was a guy named John. He was looking for new friends, and then he found a Friend. Their name’s are, “Zack, Alex, and David”. They played all along.

Next day, John’s new Friend’s said, “Hi John! Do you want to play Hide and go seek?” John said, “Sure thing!” So they played, “Hide and go seek” then John didn’t play it right. Alex counted up to 30, and John also counted to 30. If Alex heard that John was Counting, Alex said, “I’m allowed to Count this time!” then his other Friends walked by, and David said, “John, Your NOT Hiding! What the heck is wrong with you?!?” John said, “I’m NOT Doing anything!” Zack said, “Oh, so you don’t know how to do anything, John!!” Then they all walked away from John. (Never get mad at your friend when he is not good at that game). John’s feelings were hurt. His other friends wanted John to get feelings Hurt! When John goes back to John’s class, He asked his teacher, “Why does my friend’s gets away from me for a little reason?” The teacher said, “Listen John, Sometimes, Friends don’t want to play with you today, it’s just Normal. So don’t worry about that, we are about to start Math.”

The day after that, John said He was sorry, but his friends said, “Go Away!” His feelings were hurt just like Yesterday! John had to look for some new friends. He had a new friend named, “Chris”, they playing alone until Chris’s friends, “Alex” came to Chris, and Alex said, “John is a Bad sport, He can’t do ANYTHING! John didn’t understand anything, so let’s play with Zack and David” John said to Chris, “Don’t you want to play with me?” Chris said, “Go Away!” John’s feelings were hurt! John tried to touch Chris, but Chris said, “Stop it! Now Go Away!” He walked away sadly.

The last day, John made a new friend named, “Nick” and Nick got along with John. His feelings didn’t get hurt, They got together, they were not angry, and No bully’s that tried to tried to play with a different guy. They were happy along.

The End.

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Check out my Halloween Story!

A Halloween story
By Brent Zackary Thompson

Once upon a time, Zack woke up and saw some ghosts. Zack was afraid of a ghost. A ghost opened John’s window up! John tried to close his window, but the ghost threw Zack out of his room, and the ghost closed the door slowly, with the scary sound! The ghost took everything out of Zack’s room, and then threw them all out of the window. Zack had to sleep in the dark, scary hallway.

The next day, Zack opened the door, and everything was out of room! Zack was scared. Zack was happy he didn’t have any ghosts in his room. Zack put everything back to his room. At night, Zack closed the window, and then he went to sleep without any ghosts.

The end.

You can vote yourself how much you like the story!

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